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Newport SEO Services is based in the city of Newport, South Wales and has developed a high degree of expertise in the South Wales local markets. As a consultancy, we are able to offer highly competitive prices for all our services when compared to local agencies. We also do not subcontract our work outside of the UK and all work we carry out employees UK and mostly, South Wales, expertise. We also don’t involve juniors or trainees in servicing our client projects. We, therefore, ensure that every client with who we work will receive a bespoke and dedicated service that is right for their business. As a result of this quality approach we don’t work with a very large number of clients and nor do we work with multiple clients within the same business sector.

How Can A Local Business Benefit From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

In the picture below, you can see that our consultancy is ranking in the highest positions in both local maps and organic listings for this particular SEO search term. Indeed, this is also the case for scores of search engine optimisation keywords that those looking for our services can use. While we are quoting our own situation, this is a service we have delivered very successfully to local clients in the Newport area. This kind of placement in major search engines can make a huge difference to local businesses of all sizes. For example, achieving the first position in a city’s local map pack listing can be literally business changing for many local business owners. This is really what SEO and Google Maps marketing, in a nutshell, is all about!

Search results showing maps and snack pack listing
local Buisiness organic search for buyer keyword

What Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Distilled right down, SEO or, as it is sometimes called, search engine marketing (SEM), is a series of work packages that allow selective web pages or Google business pages to rank very highly on major search engines including Google and Bing. In today’s world, a very large number of people searching for a service or product will look at a search engine to provide the answers they need. In any sector of business, even locally, there can be scores of websites advertising services to a city town or region. Simply having a website is not enough. For potential customers to locate and follow-up you will need to be listed on page 1 of search engines all within the top three positions of three pack map listings. Not only that but you need to be there for as many buyer keywords that may relate to your business. Ultimately whatever a searcher types into the search engine you want them to find your website or Google business listing in Google or Bing Maps. The goal of our service is to place your website as high as possible on the first page of Google for as many keywords or key phrases that relate to your business as your resources allow. If you select one of our Google maps packages, our goal is to place you in the top three (visible) locations for as many search terms as your resources allow.

Words like keyword or search term or key phrase are really just jargon for ‘what your customers type into a search engine to find your service’. For any given search, if your site isn’t listed in the top 10 first page entries, then it is unlikely you will be found because only a very small percentage of people searching go beyond the first page of the search engine. This is also true of 3-pack maps listings for a city (only three results are generally shown even so there may be many businesses competing for those top three slots).

With the Google search engine dominating search landscape with over 80% of all searches it is here that we concentrate on ranking your web pages. However, you will also find that as a byproduct of our work you will rank highly in Bing, Yahoo and other less well-known search engines which can do no harm at all. In order to do this, we concentrate on the¬†three pillars of SEO. These are known as on page optimisation, on-site (technical optimisation) and off-site optimisation. These are vast areas to cover so we won’t go into any detail here suffice to say that the content of your website and its visibility to other sites on the web need close attention. We identify the work that is required by first carrying out an SEO audit of your site which then allows us to put a strategy in place to give you the best prospect of ranking to achieve your business goals.

We also pay close attention to your competition in order to determine what they do well which (we need to beat) and what they don’t do well (that we need to match or surpass). While we can’t guarantee that we will succeed with every possible keyword that is relevant to we will be very clear what we expect to achieve for you and will guarantee you a minimum result.

Is Successful SEO Work Guaranteed?

Yes. We are confidently able to guarantee that your search engine placement will significantly improve if you follow the strategy and recommendations we make after studying your website or Google Business listing. Alternatively, we can carry out this work for you, bringing a high level of expertise to ensure an even better result for you. We are able to offer this guarantee because we are very thorough in understanding your business market and your significant competition. Furthermore, every client’s strategy will be unique to them – we do not use generic automation or look for shortcuts that will crash and burn in a few months. We stand apart from other providers thanks to our expertise, dedication and over 10 years experience with the ever-changing search engine landscape. Oh, and by the way, unlike some, we definitely do not optimise and rank search terms that nobody is using!

Contact Mark today to learn more and discuss your specific requirements. There is no initial charge for a 20-minute phone consultation so what is there to lose!


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