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Local Business SEO – Get Your Business Listed And Ranking In Google Maps and 3 Pack

SEO is a broad field with any given entrepreneur or business looking to operate at a certain level. For example, as a company owner, you could look to rank internationally or across the UK. You may want to have a very visible presence online in a region. However, the great majority of many small and medium businesses (and even some large ones) want their phones to ring, emails arrive and leads develop from their immediate local market. That local market may be one or more cities within which the business operates. This is a form of SEO with some significant differences from a national SEO strategy. Working with a business to get them the greatest visibility in their city or several cities is known as Local SEO.

“If I Should Do One Thing…..”

I’m often asked a question by local company owners. Although always phrased differently, the heart of the question is the same. ‘If I had to do one SEO thing to improve my business locally what would it be?’ Well, I generally don’t like to build strategies around one thing but, at this moment in time, that one thing would be to rank well in Google 3 pack and Maps listings. If you’re wondering why then the answer is simple – Google local pack statistics show that over 80% of searchers that follow up on a search get in touch based on the 3-pack listing – if there is one.

I Don’t Know What The Google 3 Pack Is!

Well, you probably do although you may not know it as the 3-pack. You may have heard other terms such as the Google Maps pack’ or ‘The Google Snack Pack’ or ‘local Google Listing’ or ‘Google Local pack’. Whatever you’ve heard it called, it’s the 3 search result entries that sit below a Google map when you carry out a search that delivers a Map. If you look at the image below, you will see a Google 3 pack listing shown for a particular search.

Search results showing maps and snack pack listing

What Am I Looking At?

As you can see, that entry carries some useful information such as a star rating (important in influencing whether a searcher calls or not) contact details (interested searchers can often call direct from the listing on a mobile) and links to a website and other information of use.

A nice potted snippet then with lost of useful information about how to get in contact and services offered. No wonder so many leads are generated from this listing.  There may well be more than 3 results listed for a search but the important thing to note is that they aren’t shown by default.  So, for a local business, it’s vital to know how to list your business and have a listing ranking in the Google 3 pack top 3 results for as many important search phrases as possible. That ensures it will be shown for a search in the right place for a potential customer to take action.

The question to ask, therefore, is how much would a number #1 rank for multiple search terms in the 3-Pack listing be worth to your business?  I have seen top positioning in these listings become a real game-changer for some business owners.

How to rank in Google 3 pack listings? If you’d like to discuss Google maps SEO and improving or dominating your 3-pack Map listing, then get in touch – we can advise you on options at no cost to you apart from a phone call. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

“Why Is My Business Not Showing On Google Maps”

In some cases, a business isn’t showing on Google Map listings or anywhere in the 3-Pack list.  There can be many reasons for this and sometimes there are multiple reasons. If you would like us to look at your situation and advise you at no cost then contact us – we are happy to help business owners get listed.

“Should I Do Just One Thing?”

With 80% of leads coming from that Google 3 pack then you may think not. However, it’s worth noting that below the 3-pack listing are listed the top ‘Organic Search’ entries for the same search term.

local Buisiness organic search for buyer keyword

Appearing in the top 3 results fin this listing for multiple keywords is well worth achieving.  This is particularly true when you realise that not all searches will produce a Map and 3 Pack result. So in those cases, being in the top 3 of organic results is well worth it.

For those racing ahead, you’ve probably realised that a good Local Business strategy is to rank very highly in both the 3-Pack/Maps and Organic results for your main buyer keywords. I’ll say that again – a good Local Business strategy is to rank very highly in both the 3-Pack/Maps and Organic results for your main buyer/action taking keywords!

“I Want Even More…”

Really? Having an entry in all areas of the search results may not be a sensible use of resources and you run the risk of over-paying for the success you achieve. However, if you absolutely want to rule the listings, then you may be interested in Google Ads. These are pay per click (PPC) – every time a searcher clicks your paid add, you pay a small fee. This can be pence but can also be double-figure pound costs per ad click in some sectors.

Pay per click Google Ads on search listing

If budget is not an object, then these ads will buy you a top 3 entry above both 3 pack and organic results.  However, you may want to bear in mind that a significant percentage of businesses that use paid ads do so because they can’t rank well in 3 pack/Maps and Organic. A thought to bear in mind. That said, Google paid ads do have some other advantages. For example, they can buy you reach if you are interested in covering a large area or a large number of different locations. In that scenario, the cost of a PPC paid ad strategy can be very justifiable. It all depends on your business, where it operates and in what sector(s). Ultimately, what will it cost you per click and is it worthwhile? Why not call us to discuss your situation at no cost to you beyond a phone call.


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