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Is This Type Of Service Right For You?

Every type of business from mum and dad’s flower shop through to FTSE 500 companies gets excited when they realise how a great SEO strategy can potentially help grow their business.  Nothing wrong with that but the next question should be whether investing in SEO services is worth it for your business?

Huh!?  Yes, it is a fact that some businesses just will not benefit from a search optimisation campaign on their behalf – it all depends on what the business goals are and what represents an acceptable ROI for money spent on Search optimisation.

Here is another fact – any genuine, capable SEO consultant or agency should help you make this assessment BEFORE looking in detail at developing an optimisation strategy with you.  It is also why there is no bespoke 1-price-fits-all optimisation and ranking package on this site….every campaign should be tailored to the goals of the business and it’s ability to benefit from such work.

Here’s an example of the type of process that should be looked at. Consider these three pieces of information about your business;

What is the average value of a customer to your business

Obviously, the value of a customer ordering flowers is different to, say, a cosmetic surgeon charging a client thousands of pounds

What is the approximate number of monthly searches for keywords that relate to your target market

If only 20 people a month are searching for terms related to a business sector, then driving only a percentage of those to your website may not be financially viable when weighed against the cost of a competitive, hard market optimisation campaign….even if your site is ranking at number #1

The cost of doing SEO

These costs can vary depending on a number of factors related to the business and its target market. However, you wouldn’t expect that fixing your search engine and website (that could lead to thousands of pounds a month in improved revenue) would cost £100 per month.

Put simply then, ask yourself this question – if you were to rank at number #1 for all your target search terms, would you make substantially more than the price of your SEO package?

Now this isn’t simple but you can see why this assessment stage is the very first step in any search optimisation consultation. You can’t answer the question yourself because you don’t know all the parameters but with a search marketing consultant, you can get a pretty good idea. You can imagine, however, that if you were to make £100 per month from extra visitors to your high ranking website then it probably wouldn’t be worth your while. If, however, you would expect to make ten times that example amount, then it looks like time to press the start button and work out the numbers seriously.

That is why we offer a free initial consultancy discussion – we don’t believe a potential client should invest in an SEO campaign unless it is clear there is likely to be a worthwhile benefit to both themselves and our consultancy.

Unlike Social Media (which can’t be predicted) and Pay Per Click campaigns (which can be very expensive) SEO offers a good balance between prediction and cost. Most of the time.  Why not contact us to discuss internet marketing optimisation options for your national or local business and get help to assess what is possible for your particular situation, sector and requirements.  

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