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Newport SEO services are an independent search engine marketing and optimisation consultancy based in the city of Newport, South Wales. The consultancy has been operating for over 6 years supporting the Search engine marketing and Webdesign requirements of clients in Newport, Cardiff, Monmouth, Chepstow, Cwmbran and other locations in our business area.

The goal of our service is to assist medium enterprises, small businesses and single entrepreneurs in developing a web and social presence which then ranks within major search engines to drive buyer traffic to their offering. In this, we have been very successful and understand the South East Wales internet search landscape in detail. Unlike many larger agencies (who often prefer to serve major businesses) we cater for the smaller, ambitious business person who understands what good internet marketing can do for them.

How It All Began

As individuals, it became obvious to us some years ago that high-end search engine optimisation services, social media and web design were in many cases beyond the resource of the smaller business. The fact that many businesses didn’t and in all honesty, still don’t, understand the benefits of good search engine marketing was reflected in the quality of business and social media sites or the site ranking position for target search terms. Even today, picking sites at random to analyse still shows many areas in which a well-structured campaign of work could deliver substantial business benefit.

Whether in the look and layout of a site, the lack of a useful social media presence, poor online reputation or search engine rankings, many of today’s business owners are not maximising their opportunities on the web. Certainly, businesses may understand many of the above and implement them individually but, without joining up all the pieces, the value of their effort is limited at best or even damaging at worst (yes, a site can be broken without the owner even realising it).

Newport SEO services are the solution to that jigsaw, connecting the dots to deliver the most achievable web presence and ranking opportunities within your budget.

So if you are a business, sole entrepreneur or are just starting then why not contact us to see if we are a good fit for your business and you for us?. The initial consultation and top-level analysis of your web presence is free and in itself could be of great benefit. Contact us by phone between 08:00-19:00 on 01633 504231 or email

Our Skills

Local SEO


Website Penalty Recovery


Web Design


Conversion Optimisation


Social Media Design and Management


Software Development

Newport SEO Services